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Algimantas Pyatrasa Litvinas, Director has been at the head of the Institute since February 2008. Candidate of science, assistant professor, merit education employee of the Karelian Republic, honorary higher vocational education employee of the Russian Federation; head of Personnel management higher vocational specialization at Petrozavodsk State University; lecturer of the following programs of continuing professional education: Management, Personnel management, Business negotiations, Comparative management.


  •  The Karelian Regional Institute is one of the leading educational centers in the European North of the Russian Federation on training and retraining of managers and specialists of enterprises and organizations. The Institute has been working on the market of educational services already for 20 years.
  • The Institute is a legally and economically autonomous division within the structure of Petrozavodsk State University
  • The speciality of the Institute is training and retraining of adults. Every year about 3000 students and listeners are trained at the Institute.
  •  The Karelian Regional Institute is a member of the Russian Association of Business-Education, a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Karelia, and a member of the Union of Employers of the Republic of Karelia.
  •  In its activity the Institute develops mutually profitable relationships stays in contact with executive and municipal power authorities, business community, NGOs, educational institutions, departments of Federal Boards.
  •  The Institute works in close contact with institutes of the federal employment service of education and training of unoccupied population in Karelian Republic.
  •  In 1999 the International Educational and Health Center Urozero was opened. Today the Center is ready to receive 55 guests at a time and to provide good opportunities both for active rest and effective training;
  •  In 2005 the Institute received the highest award of EU Golden Mercury for the contribution to economic recovery, development of integration processes and for achievements in the practical realization of the international European project Human Resources Development.
  •  In 2010 the Institute was awarded the title of The first educational institution in the sphere of tourism and hospitality in the Contest of 100 best hospitality institutions of Russia.


The Presidential Program "Training of Managerial Staff for Russian National Economy's Enterprises" started in June 1997 under the order of the President of the Russian Federation. The Institute has implemented the Programme since 1998. The goal of the Programme is to form a reserve of highly qualified, competent heads and managerial personnel, able to provide development of enterprises of all economic sectors of Russia, to a wide extent small and medium business. Within this Programme the Institute was accredited to implement study programmes Management, Financial Management and Marketing. Many of graduates had their traineeship at the leading Russian enterprises and at foreign enterprises also in Canada, Japan, Germany, Norway, France, Finland, England and Sweden.

In-Company Training is one of the main fields of work of the Institute. This area of work supposes training specialists of the biggest Karelian enterprises under programs of both higher and additional professional education (professional retraining, continuing education), arranging classes, trainings, seminars directly at enterprises.

The Institute participated in holding a range of conferences, roundtables, etc. for bodies of Republic`s Government, who are directly dealing with solving problems of small and medium business development and interaction of authorities and business.

The Institute conducts consulting activities render practical assistance to enterprises and entrepreneurs regarding overall research of an enterprise management system and estimation of efficiency, working out guideless on perfecting (establishing) a system of personnel management, building teams of managers for running enterprises, managing finances, industrial activities, sale, provision and regarding forming organisation structure of an enterprise, business planning and other.

The Institute takes an active part in local, regional and international projects, aimed at small and medium business development in the Republic of Karelia. While working out and implementing projects, the Institute establishes close contacts with entrepreneurs, representatives of republican and municipal authorities, objects of infrastructure supporting small and medium business, other interested parties. Annually the Institutes provides training for more than 100 starting and active entrepreneurs on the most relevant issues of starting and running business.

International activity of the Institute is focused on:

- Development of new educational programs;

- Exchange programs for students and teachers;

- Promotion and assistance of small and medium scale business and global integration process.

The projects and actions carried out by the Institute have been supported by TACIS, New Eurasia Foundation, NED, Nordic Council of Ministers, The Barents Secretariat etc.

In 2006-2007 KRIMEL had participated in realization of Procurement reform II financed within Europeaid instrument. The reform was aimed at training specialists, efficiency, accessibility and transparency improvement of procurement system in the Russian Federation. The project consortium included by most prominent institutions of Germany, Italy and France and experts from Denmark as well. Karelia and Yaroslavskaya oblast were defined as pilot regions and the Russian part of consortium. In 2010 KRIMEL was accredited by Sberbank to provide training on electronic tendering procedures. Also the Institute runs the 120 hour skill raising program State and municipal orders' management.

Currently the Institute runs 11 programs of higher education:

  •  Accounting, Analysis and Audit
  • " Management
  • " Financial Management
  •  Marketing
  •  Law
  •  Motor roads and aerodromes
  •  Agriculture - land survey
  •  Personnel management
  •  Power supply of enterprises
  •  Management of different branches
  •  Water-supply and drainage system.

The Institute is actively engaged in working out and implementing programs of professional retraining and continuing education. For the last 5 years the total amount of programs implemented by the Institute made over 100 including the following: Management in culture

  •  Civil Construction (modern technology and engineering)
  •  Financial Management
  •  Management of Medicine
  •  Appraising of the Business
  •  Personnel Management
  •  IT for users
  •  Management of Tourism
  •  Confidential information protection
  •  Procurement practice and law.
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